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Many of you have asked if we can supply best trading platform single bottles or mixed cases. We have followed this request and will soon be making it possible for all the products marked “MixandMatch”. For these products you will be able to order single bottles or smaller quanties than 12. We have packaging materials for 3,6 or 12 bottles. You will be able to order mixed cases from these “MixandMatch” lines. As long there is a minimum order of 12 bottles UK delivery is FREE otherwise there is a £9 delivery charge.

About Bill Warry
My love of wine (especially my favourites like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Bishops Leap), of the regions in which it is made - not to mention the often extraordinary and wonderful characters who produce it, led to my starting the business more as a hobby than a career. Now, we have quite a following...

People often say to me that they are not wine connoisseurs and don't know about wines. I tell them that it is their enjoyment of wines that is most important! I aim to guide them, within their individual preferences, into deriving greater enjoyment from their wines.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, value, and an extra je ne sais quoi. With this in mind feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments for us at any time.

Bill Warry

  Rosé de BessanI came across the Rosé de Bessan while on holiday in Cap d'Agde last year. I fancied a Rosé for what I was preparing one evening and asked the local wine shop for their recommendation for a nice local Rosé. “Do you like fruity? Do you like dry?” asked the shop lady. “I like fruity and dry,” I replied. The lady pulled out two possible bottles. The Rosé de Bessans had a silver medal and I liked the frosted glass bottle so I plumped for that. I was impressed that it had a silver medal when it came from a Co-operative rather than an individual Chateau. I was even more impressed when I had chilled it and drunk it.

So impressed that I drove over to the Co-operative the next day. They really had made a name for themselves. All over the town there were signs with an arrow pointing the direction to Rosé de Bessan – which was just as well as it was a bit tricky to reach. Well I introduced myself to the manager, tasted the rest of the range and have now imported a trial consignment. If you love Rosé this one is a must! If you don’t know that you do, I’d still recommend trying it!

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