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An introduction to the types of wine available.

There are many types of wines throughout the world. And the total number of, and differences between them is enough to baffle even a true expert.

Not so, Bill Warry. What Bill doesn’t know about various types of wine is usually not worth knowing at all. Bill is always happy to talk wine with anyone and it may be in your best interests to join his Wine club, where you can get a frequent buyer card enabling you to get 10% off the stated price, together with free delivery on case orders.

We also strongly suggest that you sign up to the Chateau Select Newsletter which goes by the title of Warry’s Warblings. This is totally free, and some of the information is invaluable. You will glean quite an amount about the types of wine Bill talks about with his usual charm and knowledge.

We shall be discussing the various types of wine on other pages in this section, but very briefly, European wines are generally named for the region (appellation) that a wine's grapes are grown in, not for the grape.

The type of wine depends on several factors: where any given grape is grown, the grower, and the type of soil in which the grape is grown are just as important as the type of grape itself.

Please take a look at our other pages in this section for more detailed information about the individual types of wine.

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